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Project Description
This project allows for hiding & encapsulating an (WS based) infrastructure by providing the means for dynamic message routing. The gateway thereby enhances the messaging channels to enforce any amount of policies upon in- and outcoming messages.

Today’s eBusiness scenarios require the consequent realization of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigm. In particular, in order to allow for a seamless integration of components, a corresponding flexible and adaptive messaging infrastructure, commonly titled as “Enterprise Message Bus”, has to be provided. The BREIN Messaging Infrastructure provides such a messaging infrastructure by allowing for a “double-blind” virtualization approach. In particular, the BREIN Messaging Infrastructure allows by providing a gateway at the customer side to hide the corresponding service provider which allows the customer to describe his corresponding workflows in a more abstract manner. Additionally, the customer can easily change service providers by adapting the routing information of the BREIN Messaging Infrastructure whereby not affecting the corresponding workflows. On the other side, the service provider can easily “hide” the underlying service infrastructure by providing virtual, callable service endpoints to potential customers. The major benefit of the service provider hereby is that the service provider is enabled to adapt the underlying service infrastructure whereby not affecting the corresponding service customers. The service provider is additionally enabled to involve third party service providers for particular sub-tasks without affecting the customer.

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